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Swimmers recognized for dedication at 43rd Annual Save The Bay Swim

In July 2019, 300 swimmers participated in Save The Bay’s annual Swim fundraiser, continuing a community tradition that spans more than four decades. Of the hundreds of athletes who tackled the 1.7-nautical-mile, open-water swim from Newport to Jamestown, 36 were recognized for their exceptional commitment the event, with award categories for 5-25 years of participation.

“It’s inspiring to see the long-term commitment of these remarkable swimmers,” said Save The Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone, a 15-year Swim participant. “Many have witnessed firsthand the incredible transformation of our local waters, and their support and fundraising efforts have played a crucial role in Save The Bay’s ability to continue to protect and improve Narragansett Bay.”

“My first Swim was in 1989,” said Jana Hesser, age 75, who was recognized for the completion of her 15th Swim on Saturday. “We had rowboats instead of kayaks. I still have my little medal. It’s grown a lot since then and every year it’s better. The water is gorgeous. I really appreciate what Save The Bay has done.”

Since 1977, the Swim has inspired the Narragansett Bay community to unite in a celebration of the benefits of increasingly clean local waters while raising funds to support Save The Bay’s ongoing education, advocacy and habitat adaptation efforts. With a goal of $266,000, the Swim is Save The Bay’s largest annual fundraiser, providing critical support to the organization’s mission to protect and improve Narragansett Bay and its watershed.

This year’s fundraising efforts are still underway, with the potential to be more impactful than ever in light of a challenge posed by 20-year Swim participant, Lawrence Fish. Fish has pledged to donate $25,000 to Save The Bay if the Swim meets its fundraising goal. Individuals interested in donating to this year’s Swim to help Save The Bay meet the “Fish Challenge” can do so by visiting www.savebay.org/support-the-swim.

The awards ceremony—led by Stone and Save The Bay’s Swim Ambassador, Olympian and Rhode Island native, Elizabeth Beisel—acknowledged swimmers who have supported the event for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

Twenty-five-year participants included:
• Alan Hollenbeck (Coventry)
• Patrick O’Brien (Smithfield)

Twenty-year participants included:
• Lawrence Fish (Boston, Mass.)
• Neil Greenspan (Barrington)
• Dave Judelson (Winchester, Mass.)
• Dennis Nixon (Jamestown)

Fifteen-year participants included:
• Jana Hesser (Providence)
• John Roberts (Hillsborough, N.C.)
• Kelly Kittel (Portsmouth)
• Jonathan Stone (Providence)

Ten-year participants included:
• Zach Arts (Warwick)
• Barbara Bird (Jamestown)
• Stephanie Cotsonas (Jamestown)
• W. Cabell Grayson (Upperville, Va.)
• Timothy Groves (Providence)
• Dean Jennings (Jamestown)
• John Long (Warwick)
• Cristina Mitchell (Providence)
• Andrea Doyle O’Conner (East Greenwich)
• Dana Reed (Portsmouth)
• Tricia Sarvia (West Warwick)
• Kevin Shea (Westport, Mass.)

Five-year participants included:
• Kevin Klitz (North Scituate)
• Boris Bally (Barrington)
• Marc Braunstein (Newport)
• Rachel Busch (East Greenwich)
• Patrick Daniels (Baltimore, Md.)
• Paul LaViolette (Wellesley, Mass.)
• Amanda Howland (Bridgewater, Mass.)
• Timothy Long (Framingham, Mass.)
• Sheila Martin (Charlestown)
• Christopher Monoson (Somerset, Mass.)
• Deb Nelson (Lakeville, Mass.)
• John Serdakowski (Arlington, Va.)
• Brian Sweenor (Wakefield)
• James Verinis (South Kingstown)

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