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Take a bike ride on the Ten Mile River Greenway

KidoTEST-approve-100x100location: Ten Mile River Greenway (2.5 miles) runs between Slater Park in Pawtucket, RI and Kimberly Rock Field Complex in East Providence, RI.
good for: All ages
cost: FREE

My favorite bike path is Ten Mile River Greenway. It runs between Slater Park in Pawtucket, RI and Kimberly Rock Field Complex in East Providence, RI. I prefer this bike path because it’s only 2.5 miles which means you can accomplish the entire trail and back. I feel like I am nestled in the woods on this path and it’s not as breezy as the East Bay Bike Path since it doesn’t run alongside the harbor. There are also dirt trails that veer off the main path so you can catch a little thrill on your bike.

SlaterParkThe main reason my kids love this bike path is that there is a tire swing! I don’t know who originally put up the tire swing so please make sure that the tie is secure and safe. Once you’ve double checked the knot, the swing is SUPER fun. Hey, I take a turn too, it’s not just for kids.

If you start your bike ride on the East Providence side and you ride the entire length of the path you will find yourself at the Slater Park. Continue your bike ride into the park visit the playground. Slater Park has one of the nicer playgrounds with two age appropriate jungle gyms (for toddlers and big kids), a rock wall, and rope climber. A life size statue of an elephant stands outside the play area and the kids love to climb it and it makes a great photo op.

DagettFarmFarmIf you have smaller children continue on your bike over to Dagget Farm. The farm is free and open to the public. Inside the farm discover some barn animals and a toddler’s play area full of Little Tykes and ride-on toys.

From there you can keep riding your bike around the park and make it over to The Loof Carousel. The Loof Carousel is my least favorite because it is small in circumference and fast which makes me very motion sick!

Enjoy the park grounds by blowing some bubbles, enjoying a picnic, playing catch or even try a little fishing. If you’d rather buy lunch there is a snack shack inside the park that offers some food and refreshments including ice cream. Check out Pawtucket’s Park and Recreation website for any events that may be happening inside the park.

Ten Mile River Greenway and Slater Park make a great combination for a nice family day out. The good news is the kids usually come home tired. Tired kids are nicer kids. Well unless they get over tired and cranky.

Photo Credit: Nicole Estrella

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