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photo of creatures for RIWalks

Take the RIWalks Challenge! Find Creatures around the state

#RIWalksChallenge has officially begun! Go search for the 30 different nature-inspired “creatures” hidden on land trust trails throughout the state!
They designed the Challenge to entice people to get outside and explore nature while enjoying land trust trails, the perfect way to reduce stress and improve health.
Explore land trust trails around Rhode Island and search for creatures. There are 30 different nature inspired creatures along nature trails that traverse the special places that land trusts are protecting. How many can you find? Can you find all 30?
See websitefor additional details.  Good Luck!!! More information on FB as well https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=777634602905826&id=271913713477920
Snap a selfie or picture of each creature you find and share it on Instagram and Facebook using #RIWalksChallenge

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