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I have not actually played the Talk About Giving game. I was immediately drawn in by its message and simplicity after seeing an image of the cards shared around the internet. Finding ways to give back (big or small with our time, talent, or cash) has always been essential to me and in part, the mission of Kidoinfo. Raising kids to be community minded starts early. We can make more meaningful lasting connections around giving back when we incorporate the philosophy into our family’s everyday conversations and actions.

This portable game seems to make the topic of giving fun and accessible for kids by sparking conversations about philanthropy. The game features a game booklet and sixty glossy question cards that will jumpstart family discussion. Cards are organized into four fun categories: Money Matters, Family Matters, Giving Matters, and What Matters to Me? Handy to have at the dinner table or in the car.

Talk About Giving is an initiative developed by the Central Carolina Community Foundation to encourage multi-generational conversation about philanthropy. The program is designed for families who have a desire to pass along to their children and grandchildren a healthy understanding of the need to give to others. Through ongoing conversation and active participation in family giving, children recognize philanthropy as a part of their family’s value system. And studies show children of parents who give are much more likely to continue “giving” as adults.

The TAG website is full of information and resources supporting its mission: Instilling the spirit of philanthropy in your family.

Although one does not actually need the game to talk about giving. Some parents I know, do this already or have creative ways to weave this topic into every day life. For others, the colorful cards and pre-printed questions may be helpful in getting kids to open up.

Whatever works to get the conversation rolling.

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