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Target or Kohls?


I have always thought of myself as a Target shopper. I love the clean modern style of the store, its products, its logo, and even its playful commercials. Once my kids were able to walk, I happily graduated from my frequent trips to Babies-R-Us and switched to Target for one-stop shopping for clothes, toys, diapers, books, and more. Over the last five years Target has been one of my primary shopping destinations — for everything from funky holiday decorations to cool housewares. And I could always count on getting some stylish clothing bargains for my kids until this summer when my kids sprouted again. They are now beanpoles and do not fit into the standard pant size of 4, 5, or 6. Too short or too wide and just not right.

A fellow parent recommended Lands’ End, which certainly carries a great selection of slim pants but at a price that’s too steep for me to shop there exclusively. Desperate to find affordable pants that fit my kids, I recently ventured into Kohls department store thanks to another mom’s recommendation. I found a gold mine in the boy’s department — a full selection of slim-sized pants from Levi’s, OshKosh, Lee, and more — and all on sale! The Lee pants fit my boys the best and there were so many styles to choose from. On our way out of the store, my boys and I even found a cool retro Underdog T-shirt for my husband. Next time I’ll check the new “Simply Vera” collection by Vera Wang for me — cool, affordable clothing and home accessories. Her new collection launches at Kohls on September 9. Kohl’s may not have the hip Target style but it’s definitely worth the visit.

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  • My wife swears by Kohl’s… always does excellent there.

    They always have a great “Kohl’s Cares” book series on sale too… books are $5 and the proceeds go to charity. Often stuffed animals of the book characters are on sale for $5. Can’t beat it.

    It’s funny to see my father-in-law complain about Kohl’s. “It doesn’t even have a sporting goods section” he laments. 🙂