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Teach your Kids about the United States by Joining a Postcard Swap!

What a great way to get your kids off the computer, meeting new people and learning about distant lands. Aime recently emailed me to share this fun activity she is doing with her family.

GAPS Great American Postcard SwapGeography is exciting to me.  I want my children to enjoy it too.  In January I learned of a postcard swap involving all 50 states hosted by Cassie of Our Adventures in Education.  Cassie chooses only one family per state to participate. By the time I learned about it my state was taken.  I was disappointed until it occurred to me that I could put together my own swap!  So I organized the Great American Postcard Swap.

How does it work?  One family from each of the fifty states sends a postcard to the 49 other participating families so that by the end, each family will receive a postcard from every state other than their own.  Each state has their own week to send postcards so the swap actually takes almost a full year to complete.  There are four separate swap groups, each needing 50 families.  If you would like to join us, visit my blog, Adventures and Pursuits, to see a list of the states we still need.  Spaces are limited, so if you don’t see your state on the list, why not organize your own swap?  I started by contacting family and friends, posting info on my blog, and sending emails to a variety of bloggers inviting them to join.  It’s been fun for me, and even better, my kiddos are having fun with geography.  A perfect combination!

Aimee Mobley is a wife and stay at home mom living in Northern Idaho with her husband and five kids.  Her blog, Adventures and Pursuits is her place to write about the everyday adventures of family life, pursue a variety of interests, and connect  with other normal  people.

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