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Teaching children to manage boredom will serve as life skill

There are plenty of ways to teach kids to conquer boredom but first we need to provide an opportunity for them to get bored. Many of today’s kids are over scheduled and have access to digital devices from morning til night–phones are not just phones but provide hours of entertainment, electronic reading tables often have games and other cool features to keep us distracted, computers attract kids like magnets in the library–allowing little if any time to be actually be “bored.” Setting limits on electronics and planning unstructured time is the first step, what happens next may depend on the kid–some will amuse themselves for varying lengths of time while others may need some guidance in coping with the open space of time.

IMG_5927I recently spoke with Claire Nicogossian, licensed clinical psychologist and writer for her article, Here’s how to teach R.I. kids to conquer boredom, in today’s Providence Journal. We had a great time sharing our ideas on how to manage child boredom this summer and beyond. She put together a great list of tips on the topic including the Kidoinfo list of 100 things to do with kids as a great place to start. Thanks Claire!

Learn more about Claire Nicogossian on her blog, momswellbeing.com; find clinical contact information at cduarteandassociates.com

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