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The AS220 Industries is expanding it’s educational offerings to include kids classes!

animationworkshop_largeFirst up, is Weird Cartoon Universe: Making Short Comics and Stop-Motion Animation, taught by local cartoonist and ‘zine maker Mimi Chrzanowski. Perfect for kids who want to see their drawings come to life and dance across the computer screen. Let your creativity loose, all ideas are welcome! In fact, the weirder the better! The first day will be spent focusing on drawing games and making comics. At the second meeting, students will turn those drawings into stop-motion animations starring their very own comic characters. instructor Mimi Chrzanowski holds a BFA in Illustration. She makes comics, GIFs (short, looping animations), prints, drawings, and more, about play, power, and pink dolphins.

When: Weird Cartoon Universe Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th, from 1-4pm on each day.
For Ages 8 – 11
Cost: $85


For kids who want to make multiple editions of their art, or see their images adorn t-shirts and tote bags, Screen printing for Kids is the class to take. Kids will learn all the basics of screen printing in this workshop, and leave with their own prints or printed merchandise. Create multi-colored prints ready to hang on the wall, or hand out to friends and family! Instructor Kara Dunne is an art teacher, printmaker, performance artist, and video artist from Vermont. Dunne earned her MFA from RISD, and has been using print facilities at AS220 in order to continue her printmaking work.

When: Screen printing for kids runs on Saturday, November 2nd from 10am to 5pm.
For Ages 8 – 16
Cost: $90

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