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The Avenue Concept Launches #MakeYourArtPublic Campaign

The Avenue Concept Launches #MakeYourArtPublic Campaign

The Avenue Concept, Rhode Island’s leading public art organization, announced a new social media campaign, #MakeYourArtPublic, to encourage creativity and connectedness during a time of unprecedented disruption to our daily lives.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the general public, adults and children alike, to display their own art projects in the windows of their homes for passersby to view and enjoy.

Participants are also encouraged to post photos of their window displays to social media with the hash tag #MakeYourArtPublic, and to tag The Avenue Concept at @TheAvenueConcept on Facebook and @avenuepvd on Twitter and Instagram.

“Art is something we can all continue to share and enjoy together, even when we can’t be physically present with one another. Public art is one of the few things that is still safe to enjoy while practicing social distancing, so we want to inspire people to make their own art public,” explained Avenue Concept founder and executive director Yarrow Thorne. “If we all share our own projects we can turn our streets into walking art galleries.”

The work does not need to be new or made specifically for this purpose. Existing art projects in any medium – drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, etc. – can be displayed as part of the campaign. Participants can also download a #MakeYourArtPublic sign from The Avenue Concept’s website to print out and display in their photos.

“Art doesn’t need to be professional or museum-quality to be worthy of sharing with others,” Thorne continues. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve done an oil painting on canvas or doodled on a piece of notebook paper, sculpted something from stone or glued some popsicle sticks together, we want you to make your art public.”

About The Avenue Concept
The Avenue Concept makes public art happen. We do this by investing in permanent infrastructure, funding public art projects, documenting and promoting the work of artists, using art as a tool for education, and advocating for policies, processes and partnerships that develop sustainable avenues for public art. Our goal is to build an environment in which art thrives and to create public art encounters that encourage people to engage and interact with art instead of passively observing it.

Founded in Providence, RI in 2012, The Avenue Concept is the state’s leading public art program. Since then it has installed or exhibited more than 150 works of public art, and invested $1.1 million in both artwork and infrastructure.

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