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The Biggest Best Snowman plus other snowy books and activities

One of our favorite winter time books is The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler.

Biggest Best SnowmanThis is a story of a little girl who accomplishes big things. In this great read aloud book. “Big Mama, Big Sarah, and Big Lizzie” tell Little Nell she’s too small to be of help, so Little Nell spends her days in the snow playing with her forest friends. When her friends suggest she make a snowman, she thinks she’s too small. But with a little help and encouragement from her forest friends, Little Nell makes the biggest best snowman ever.

After reading this book we often want to bundle up and head outdoors to build our own biggest best snowman. Our family loves making snow people.  Always handy to have a bag stocked with snowman supplies; cereal, raisins, buttons, old scarf and a hat. Once outside we like to hunt for sticks and twigs as arms and hair.

Click here for a list of other favorite wintery books — about animals, snow, and making snowmen. These stories are great reads before or after heading outdoors to enjoy the winter wonderland. Followed by a list of inside and outside activities.

If you are out building snow people (or angels or castles) today, please take a photo and send them to me. I will add them to the Kidoinfo Flickr Snowmen Collection.

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