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The Duck & Bunny

IMG_3773Red velvet cupcakes and Nutella are featured, so please count me in. The Duck & Bunny just opened on Wickenden Street in the space most recently occupied by The Blue Elephant. The Duck and Bunny calls itself not a cafe, not a restaurant, but a snuggery. Meaning a cozy place to relax with something yummy. Cupcakes (in both mini and regular sizes) are prominently displayed, but they’ve got more than cute sweets: savory crepes and salads, pots of tea, and a long list of wines keep you thinking of occasions to go back. (Here are a few: report card day, book group, not-too-pricey date night, gray sky, just feel like eating cupcakes.)

Wife and husband owners Jessica and Daniel Becker moved to Rhode Island from New York just a few months ago. Jessica had always wanted her own tea shop; Dan, his own bar. Those longings to create space for people to enjoy themselves in good company led to this clever venture. Students, adults, and families all fit right in. Infants will placidly drool and stare at the sparkly lights from their floor-space babybuckets. Schoolchildren can have a cupcake or even high tea–any day of the week, and at any time of day. What a coup for the child who wants high tea for her birthday breakfast!IMG_3776

With delightful duck/bunny art on the walls (a bunny Van Gogh, a duck Girl with a Pearl Earring), and crepes with names that make you need to eat them (the Chubby Ella is filled with bananas and Nutella, and The Rachel and Monica is a time capsule back to the 1990s with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese), The Duck and Bunny is a joyful addition to the neighborhood. People of all ages will love getting snug there.

The Duck and Bunny
312 Wickenden Street, Providence 02903
Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10AM-late

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