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The Eclectic Slide: Go GaGa and Lose the Diapers

Slide Lg Copper.2: kid o infoBy Maura Keating

The GoGaga Slide Bag is not your standard diaper bag. Actually, I should warn you that it probably won’t last long as your diaper bag since the Slide bag is perfect for carrying books, your husband’s new Powerbook, a yoga mat… It also happens to be great for carrying diapers, wipes, a changing pad, bottles, an array of toys, and anything else you might need for life on the go with Baby. There isn’t much to indicate that the Slide is intended for use as a diaper bag. Designer Jill Cartwright isn’t a Mom, but she does have a lot of Mom friends and she has paid attention the their needs, designing a bag that is parent and baby friendly and that you can take along even when you’re not on Baby duty. The styling is edgy, with bold colors complemented with a warm grey tone.

The bottle holders on this bag are the best that I’ve ever seen, better even than my beloved Skip Hop Duo. The bottle holders are located on the outside of the bag, making it easy to hydrate in an emergency. They are wide and deep enough to hold most bottle types. Actually, they fit ALL of the bottles that I tested–from Baby bottles, to the widest toddler sippy cups with handles, to a grown-up Nalgene, Sigg, or Kleen Kanteen container. Best of all, there are TWO bottle holders on either side of the bag–one for you and one for Baby. No one has to go thirsty! There are two deep and narrow pockets at the front of the bag made out of material with a bit of stretch, making it all too easy to shove in a lot of stuff (not that you would). One pocket includes a key fob that keeps your keys in easy reach. A deep, wide pocket at the back holds the included matching changing pad and is roomy enough to fit a few more items. I liked the shape and the construction of the changing pad. It is made out of the same nylon as the exterior of the bag with a black, wipe-able surface on the flip side. It slides out of the pocket easily for quick changes, but it wasn’t big enough for us. While Baby’s bottom will be protected, I had to bring along a blanket to avoid having my son’s head touch the changing station. The Slide also includes a matching wipes case that fit soft plastic packages of disposable travel wipes.

Two deep front pockets inside of the bag are perfect for a package of wipes and several diapers. Two more pockets are located at the back, inside of the bag–one wider than the other. I kept my wallet and other Parent necessities here. The smaller pocket was the right width but a little too deep for a cell phone, but it was just the right size for a Flip Video camera. There is a small zippered pocket just above the open pockets in the back. It was good for hiding lip gloss from wannabe makeup artists or for emergency cash, but I wish the bag had a larger zippered space. One of the Slide’s nicest features is a stiff divider panel that Velcros into the middle of the main space of the bag. It offered another way to organize the bag’s contents, while also holding the bag open for better visibility and easier access to contents inside. If you are carrying a laptop or want a slimmer fit, the divider panel swings to the side. The main compartment of the bag closes with a large double zipper. The Slide bag has a thick, stiff bottom with a foam core that enables it to stand up on its own. You don’t have to worry about your bag falling over and spilling its contents everywhere.

There is a lot that sets the Slide apart, but the strap is what really makes it different. Like a sling, the strap’s soft, stretchy fabric is designed to spread across your shoulder to distribute the bag’s weight across your back. I thought that the Slide’s unique strap would interfere with a sling if I were wearing a sling and the diaper bag at the same time, but I was wrong. The stretchy fabric is thin and light and easily pushes to one side so that it resembles a traditional strap. When I did use the Slide diaper bag sans sling, I was able to truly appreciate the strap’s ergonomic comfort. The design helps distribute the weight of the bag across your back, reducing the shoulder and neck pain that can plague any parent who hauls a heavy bag on a regular basis. The Slide’s handle is sewn into the front of the bag for a sleek fit. The strap adjusts easily with a buckle at one end. The Slide also has adjustable stroller straps that can be wrapped around the handles of a stroller and clicked into place. GoGaGa also notes that a yoga mat can be carried using the stroller straps. That inspired me to roll up a towel and bring it to the beach. The Slide includes a padded shoulder pad with Velcro, which turned out to be too thick and wide for my narrow shoulders, but my husband liked the extra support.

GoGaGa has made a diaper bag that thinks beyond Baby to construct a bag that everyone will want to use. Your only problem might be who gets to use the Slide bag and what to carry. Maybe you should get two…

The GoGaGa Slide Tote Bag , $95.00. To find a GoGaGa Slide Bag near you, visit the “Stores” link at www.gogagalife.com

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