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The importance of play for children: Join the conversation

Children these days  are scheduled with so many structured activities and often plugged into electronics daily–joined with a parent’s concern for their child’s safety–children seem to have very little free play time left outside (or in) to wander at their own pace and make discoveries without the help or guidance of an adult. The importance of open-ended play is being discussed more and more these days and parents are being reminded to help provide open play opportunities for their children. I am glad people are talking and taking action on this matter.

In the news: Julia Steiny, education columnist for the The Providence Journal wrote a piece about the importance of open-ended play and Providence Children’s Museum’s role in providing creative play spaces and encouraging greater understanding about the need for unstructured play. Thank you, Julie and Janice for the nice mention of Kidoinfo being a play resource for families. Read full article here at ProJo.com: R.I. Children’s Museum tries to encourage open-ended play

Providence Children’s Museum also recently launched a PlayWatch listserv. This is a great way to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and information on the subject of play. There have already been many interesting discussions taking place there. Sign up for the list using the link above if you’d like to join the conversation!

Kidoinfo is filled with ideas and ways to create play opportunities for your kids and lists places where they can play. Check the calendar, search the directory, and read from our archives.
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