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The Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership

The Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership host it’s annual gala fundraiser, Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring on Thursday April 29, 2010 at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet in Cranston.

By AmyBarbara and Maria Rovin
Event Coordinator
RI Mentoring Partnership

How much time do you spend each day with your children? Did you know that on average a child will only spend 17 minutes each day with the adults they live with?  Now imagine how small that amount of time might be if you’re a family struggling to make ends meet or dealing with any of the myriad of societal issues out there. One organization is trying to make sure all of Rhode Island’s children experience the impact that spending time with a positive adult role model can have.

The Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership is the statewide leader in youth mentoring. The Partnership provides support to a network of 50 mentoring programs statewide that serve more than 4,000 Rhode Island children. It also directly coordinates one-to-one school based mentoring programs in Warwick, Woonsocket, and Newport. While many children are currently experiencing the benefits of a mentor, thousands more could benefit from having one.

Right now the only thing holding back the creation of these valuable relationships is the availability of adults who are willing to serve as mentors. It takes as little as one hour each week. In the majority of the Mentoring Partnership’s member programs, adults undergo a background check, receive training, and then meet with their mentee on school grounds and during school hours for that one hour each week. The Partnership asks for a commitment of at least one school year but it has found that the vast majority of mentors return for several school years, some even following their mentee from their early grade school years to their high school graduation and beyond.

RIMP2007textmedRI Mentoring Partnership President and CEO, Arlene McNulty says there are no special requirements to being a good mentor, “Ultimately you are sharing the best aspects of your character with your mentee, it’s not about showing them how to be the perfect person, but more about providing them with an up close look at a life well-lived.”

For more information or to become a mentor, visit the RI Mentoring Partnership’s website www.mentorRI.org or call 401-732-7700.

For more information about the gala fundraiser, visit the event’s website http://www.mentorri.org/events2.htm

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