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The Wooden Midshipman shares 5 Great Books for Kids

1. Nail Gaiman’s Instructions
The author of extraordinary fantasy for adults wrote this book for the younger set, and it’s exactly what the title suggests: a book of practical instructions for your fantastic journey, whatever that might be. The wonderful illustrations by Charles Vess add to the mystery and magic. All ages.

2. Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s The Jolly Postman, or Other People’s Letters
More than a book, The Jolly Postman includes letters (with envelopes!) that are their own stories. A fun, interactive classic. Ages 4 and up

3. Suzy Lee’s Shadow and Wave
Two wordless picture books with mesmerizing illustrations for adults and kids alike. A young girl’s moods and emotions are reflected in her natural surroundings. These hardcovers are in a nonstandard size, making them a unique and memorable gift. All ages

4. Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
Published in a big portfolio edition, Providence author and artist Chrs Van Allsburg creates extraordinary magic with fourteen illustrations that leave everything to the imagination. Each caption hints at thrilling story: “Two weeks passed and it happened again…”  Ages 4 to 8 (but older kids and adults will love it, too)

5. Katrin Tchana’s The Serpent Slayer. Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman.
Gorgeous pictures help tell folk tales of strong women from all different cultures; there’s Judith the Pirate from Jewish tradition, Beebyeebyee and the Water God from Cameroon, and lots more. These are princesses with attitude, courage, and wits, and it’s a great book for both boys and girls. Ages 9 to 12 (younger kids will enjoy having it read to them)

Katie Dickson is the owner of The Wooden Midshipman, a new bookshop in Warren that specializes in classics and new favorites from every genre, for every age, along with unique gifts and art. Katie has a degree in English Literature from Boston University.

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