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Think It Ink It

We are obsessed with books and stories in our house–reading, making and telling them–and my boys are always looking for new story and book-making opportunities. We have now turned this year’s Advent word calendar into a storybook. Each day one person uses the “word of the day” to write a new sentence to tell a story into a special notebook. When we run out of words on December 25, the story will be done–or will it? We’ll see. So far the story is taking many interesting twists and turns.

think it ink itWe recently had a chance to try another kind of make-your-own-story project from Think It Ink It Publishing. Choose from a number of pre-illustrated storykits with plenty of space for your child to write his or her tale. The pictures can be a helpful guide in getting one’s creative juices flowing and just as the Think It Ink it name implies, kids can think of their own accompanying story and then write it–by themselves or with parents’ help. Once finished, your family will have a memorable keepsake. Keep it as a paperback or order it as a hardcover book. And just in time for the holidays, you can now instantly download a pre-illustrated “Santa and his reindeer story” by Frank Montagna. This can be a lovely addition to your holiday book collection.

I loved the suggestion from one of our readers about how she wraps all their holiday books in leftover wrapping paper at the end of the season, ready to be unwrapped the following holiday as an advent “book” calendar. Happy thinking, inking, bookmaking and storytelling!

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