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Time! The greatest gift you can give a new parent.

What new parents really want is someone to do the laundry, clean the house, or cook their dinner not another onesie.

ec8a0da30420501dce791a4256aaa582Having become a new parent for the second time recently, I had conveniently forgotten how long it takes to do regular, day to day tasks. The last 9 months were also spent frantically de-cluttering our family nest and it would be over my new jiggly bits that I would allow more gear, gadgets and fluffy rabbits to take over this minimal mothership!  You see as nice as one more onesie or blanket would be, what we new parents really need is time!

Below are some ideas for time-giving gifts – hope you enjoy and share with other new parents (they will think you are fabulous – honestly)!

1.  Dinner.  If you are not able to take over dinner yourself, how about a gift card to a local eatery, preferably one with takeout or delivery.

2. Booze, Drinkies, A Tipple, A Wee Tot!  However you call it, an occasional libation has brought much relief to this frazzled Mama.  Bottles located on Providence’s East Side offers free same day delivery on orders over $75 or a $9 delivery charge.

3.  Cleaning Service.  This can be a true luxury for a lot of new parents as well as a total sanity-saver.  A local Providence friend uses the Merry Maids company and really likes them.

Photo Credit: Pinterest4.  Laundry and lots of it!  There is definitely an untapped market for a machine that can either hang laundry out on the line or transfer it from washer to drier!  In lieu of this invention, check out My Laundry Hamper who will collect and deliver laundry to your door. If your new parent pal uses cloth diapers, then check out local companies, Mama Blu and Mama Earth.

5.  Errand Runner. Task Rabbit is a new site that came to my attention when a friend needed her large couch moving.  She posted the job on the site and the next day two charming and much-muscled fellas helped her move said couch for a low price.  Task Rabbit is great for new parents as they handle everything from taking your pets to the vet, going on an Ikea run or mowing the lawn.

6.  Walking the dog.  As a Mama of two fur babies, walking the dog is one thing that, in the initial stages of parenthood is unfortunately way down the list. Ruffin Wranglers offers amazing door to door doggie excursions. Peace Dogs Canine Care offers great dog walking for your pooch (401 429 3647).

Photo Credit: Ruffin Wranglers7.  Grocery shopping.  Groceries delivered to your door at a time that suits you is available from Wholefoods, Eastside Marketplace, Peapod and Monroe Dairy.  All of these stores offer online shopping which eliminates the overwhelming job of getting oneself presentable and out of the door with a new baby.

8. Your time, if you can spare it. If you are able to give some of your own time to a new parent then this is the best option in my book. Free to you and providing your pal with not only a few minutes to take a shower, throw in some laundry or take a nap, but also a much needed adult chat.

Photo Credits: Clock (Pinterest), Laundry (Pinterest), Dog (Ruffin Wranglers)

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  • Great post! I couldn’t agree more with you — time definitely is the best gift you can give to a new parent. I would really love receiving a gift card for dinner or even a home cooked meal. It’s little things like that that really let you know that you are appreciated.