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[ 3 ] November 3, 2007 |

Eastern Time

Daylight saving time ends at 2 am on the first Sunday in November, when people in most parts of the United States move their clocks back an hour. This made for a brighter Halloween this year. But since it now gets dark earlier, this means I will miss the daylight during the dinner hour and will dread being awakened an hour earlier by my boys. For the kids, it means less time at the park and having to reset their sleep clock.

Make the most of these dark evenings with your kids by starting a game night, reading new books, making shadow puppets, watching a classic movie, or having a puppet show. For the wee ones, try listening to some lullabies to ease the transition to the new bedtime. For the early morning hour, I am happy that my programmable coffee maker makes the coffee before I am even up.

Don’t forget to turn back all of your clocks (car, thermostats, electronics, appliances) and replace old batteries with new ones in all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. (More tips at Consumer Reports)

In the spring, I wrote about ways to get your kid interested in time when we started daylight savings. Read here for suggested books, DIY projects, and useful links to time tools and references.

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  1. Steve says:

    References for keeping your computer up to date (and on time).


    Of course you should install any of the latest system updates by clicking the Apple icon, then clicking Software Update and installing all the latest updates.
    (hint for keeping time always accurate: go to System Preferences > System > Date & Time: check “seet date and time automatically”)

  2. calendar katy in barrington says:

    i didn’t remember the time change until i had been at a playground all of the beautiful morning and another parent commented, “and it’s only 8:45!”

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