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Tips for a safer Halloween

There are ways to stay safer this Halloween. For instance, here are some tips from Governor Gina M Raimondo and the state’s Reopening RI website:

  • The first rule of Halloween (and all of our activities) is that if you are feeling sick, you have to stay home. That includes both parents and kids. No amount of candy is worth the risk of getting someone sick. You should check in with your children before you leave the house to make sure they any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • When you do go trick-or-treating, only go with the people you are already in regular contact with instead of introducing new people into your pod. Make sure you bring hand sanitizer as well to use between houses, and wear a cloth mask. This has to be the same mask you wear normally — your costume mask is not designed to contain airborne particles, and it will not keep you or your neighbors safe.
  • For those handing out treats: We can’t open the door and offer a shared bowl for kids to stick their hands inside. Leave individually wrapped goodie bags or single pieces of candy out for kids to take while you stay inside. Make sure you wash your hands before putting out anything for kids to touch.
  • If you have an older relative at home, or you live in a higher-density community, consider staying home and watching a movie, or doing a virtual pumpkin carving with friend.

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