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Tips for Family Weekend Fun

Every week on GoLocalProv I share tips on how families can make the most of their weekend – including helpful hints that make parenting easier and connecting you to great local happenings.

Kido Tip 1. Get out and play at a farm this weekend

Kid in gardenKids love farm visits, and Rhode Island has so many great spots for hay rides, apple picking, and corn maze play, you can easily do one or two a weekend throughout the season. For a list of family-friendly farms and other fall fun stuff, go here.

Kido Tip 2. Put little hands to work in the backyard

Backyard projects are a perfect place for small ones to pitch in without doing any potential damage to housewares. And who doesn’t love getting dirty while helping out? Set aside an hour this weekend to do some family yard maintenance… show kids how to deadhead mums, pull out expired annuals, and turn over mulch piles. It teaches independence and knowhow. And for a fun backyard game at breaktime, check out Backyard Bingo here.

Kido Tip 3. Get really peaceful at Burnside Park. Read more on Go Local Prov.

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