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Tips for New Moms: Baby is still crying! (Part Two)

Baby crying-iStock - kid o infoAre you worried your baby might have colic? Does it seem that he or she is always crying? Have you tried all of the soothing tips and nothing seems to work?

Your baby may have colic if he/she:

• Cries more than 3 hours a day, every day
• Takes as long as an hour to finish a feeding
• Cries and fusses throughout a feeding
• Cries at bedtime every night for more than 1 hour
• Has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

If your baby exhibits any of these behaviors, talk to your pediatrician who may be able to identify what is causing the fussiness or recommend the colic clinic. You and your baby deserve support and relief.

Kristen Kardos, MA Ed., and Kathy McGuigan, MSW, the co-founders of RI New Moms Connection provide affordable, accessible pregnancy and new mom groups throughout Rhode Island. In “New Moms Tips” they share their knowledge, resources, and helpful ideas for moms just beginning their journey into parenthood or moms that may need a little refresher.

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