Tips for New Moms: Help baby stop crying! (Part One)

baby crying - kid o infoDuring the first six weeks of my son’s life, I’m not sure who cried more: him or me! A fussy baby may rob you of confidence and leave you feeling exhausted. However, Dr. Karp offers great advice in The Happiest Baby on the Block which is sure to help soothe your tearful newborn.

Try these tips when your baby fusses:

• Swaddling – brings back the comforts of the womb
• Swaying – jiggling, dancing, bouncing, or moving rhythmically
• Swinging – in a swing, infant carrier, cradle (or even bouncing on a yoga ball)
• Shushing sounds – you may get tired of shushing your baby, so try running a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washer/dryer, shower, air conditioner, or fan
• Sucking – sometimes nursing/feeding a baby (again!) is calming
• Wearing baby – allows them to feel safe while listening to your heartbeat. This also allows you to be hands-free. Try a sling or infant carrier.

In addition to comforting your baby, it is important to comfort yourself. Call a supportive friend or family member to talk, ask for help, or for some Mommy time.

Kristen Kardos, MA Ed., and Kathy McGuigan, MSW, the co-founders of RI New Moms Connection provide affordable, accessible pregnancy and new mom groups throughout Rhode Island. In “New Moms Tips” they share their knowledge, resources, and helpful ideas for moms just beginning their journey into parenthood or moms that may need a little refresher.

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