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Tips for New Moms: “Hot Spots” on Cold Days

With the cold weather lingering, new mamas can begin to feel trapped inside with their babes. Fear not!  There are many (low-cost) indoor baby-friendly venues at your disposal that get you get out of the house…which can be a real sanity-saver in those first months of motherhood.  Check out some of these “hot spots”:

Seven StarsCoffee shops–Grab a beverage and a comfy chair and take some time to relax.
Libraries–Most libraries have story times for babies – a great place to meet other new moms!
Book stores–Check out the children’s section and read any number of colorful baby books to your little one, or get reacquainted with your favorite author’s latest book. (Books on the Square in Wayland Square has a weekly story time specifically for babies.)
Walk the mall–Get your exercise and maybe even lull your baby to sleep at the same time!
Join your local YMCA–The Y has many wonderful family-friendly activities, including swim classes. Or, after your baby reaches six weeks of age, let the babysitting staff take care of him or her free of charge while you resume your exercise routine.
Join a New Moms Group–There is nothing better than connecting with other new moms who are experiencing the same highs and lows of motherhood as you! (Check the Kidoinfo Resource Directoy for local groups.)

Kristen Kardos, MA Ed., and Kathy McGuigan, MSW, the co-founders of RI New Moms Connection, provide affordable, accessible pregnancy and new mom groups throughout Rhode Island. In “Tips for New Moms” they share their knowledge, resources, and helpful ideas for moms just beginning their journey into parenthood or moms who may need a little refresher.

Editor’s Note: Although “Tips for New Moms” is written with the new mom in mind–to support women in their journey through motherhood–it is certainly not the authors’ intention to exclude dads. Every new parent will find their tips, resources, and insights helpful. I invite all moms and dads to share ideas on how they manage their new role as a parent with Kidoinfo in the comments below.

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  • Sadly Barrington has no cool coffee place, but the town Starbucks works in a pinch. The library & Y pretty happening. For real human contact though, I just hope to be invited to someone’s house.

  • Another great southern RI find is MOM’s YOGA at the SK parks and recreation dept’s Yoga School of South County. The YSSC is located adjacent to the lovely and fun village green playgound in the heart of peace dale, directly across from the public library. The area is a mecca for the young family.

    MOm’s YOga is every Friday from 9:30-10:30- a yoga class is taught with FREE CHILDCARE for students with young children. (one adult per four children).

    The free child care is also provided on Saturday am’s for the PRENATAL yoga class students if needed. There’s also a Mommy & Baby yoga class on Wednesdays, 11-12 (right after the AFC’s storytime). For more information see makeitsoyoga.com or hOMnaturale.mac.com or hOMnaturale.blogspot.com

  • Hi. In my southern RI community of Wakefield we’ve got a few great mom’s oriented options. Our local Alternative Food Coop on Main St. offers a 2 hour (open-house like) story time period for moms of little ones to take advantage of while shopping for their organic produce, groceries and bulk items (eliminates little fingers in the flour bins).

    Every Wednesday morning from 9-11 is story time where books are read, healthy snacks are fed, and seasonal crafts are created. Moms can learn more about healthy econonical ways to shop and prepare meals for their families too.

    Small community stores such as this are a real treat and are very hard to come by. On Wednesday mornings especially, the AFCoop is a gathering place for store staff, working members and shoppers to commune and work, shop and have coffee, bagels, pastries, soup or sandwiches, knowing that their toddlers and preschoolers are in good hands, entertained with great books and healthy snacks.

  • I agree story hours at the library and at local bookstores (my favorite -Books on the Square in Wayland Square) were great places to meet other parents. After a few times running into the same people with kids the same age as mine, we formed a play group that lasted until the kids went to kindergarten.

  • hi alli,

    my suggestion would be a good story time like the ones held at the weaver branch in east providence. back when i was there with my boys as toddlers, that library was the hub of our world. i’m sure it still is to many. i met many friends there, too. it wasn’t difficult because pam-the-librarian had a regular and devoted crowd. check it out — you don’t need to be a resident and the drive will be worth it.

    the library is the place for free fun for your kids and for you.


  • My quesstions is where do you go when you no longer fall in the “New Mom” Category? Just because my son has turned 18 mos old doesn’t mean I’m not still feeling overwhelmed, overjoyed, and overtired (seems the 3 go together with parenting). I am still new to being a mom… I’ve never done this part before either. Does anyone have suggestions for new moms with older babies? I looked into mommy and me, etc but money has become an issue. I have a pretty large playroom (in Woonsocket) if other moms in the limbo age (no longer babies, not really ready for preschool) would like to get a group going maybe we can help eachother?