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Today is Beatles’ Day. Have you noticed?

beatlesToday The Beatles: Rock Band game and fourteen Beatles’ albums digitally re-mastered on CD, went on sale this morning. Although we are not rushing out to buy the The Beatles: Rock Band game–I’ve never been a gamer –I’m tempted to try this one. However I am thankful to Rock Band for bringing back The Beatles.

I am happy to have The Beatles everywhere now. My husband and I have been fans of the iconic band since we were kids and have shared their music with our children from an early age.

Since Rock Band first started marketing the launch of their new game my boys rediscovered The Beatles. Recently we have all been celebrating the return of The Beatles; watching documentaries on TV, watching the film, Help (for the first time) and re-watching the film, A Hard Day’s Night, reading some of the articles about them in the newspaper, and of course listening to music, lots and lots of music.

Happy Beatle’s Day!

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  • Thanks Jaci for sending a shout out to all the local artists that worked to create The Beatles: Rock Band and also kudos to Harmonix Music. You all ROCK!

    First movie at BPL is A Hard Day’s Night. We have a conflict and so bummed to miss it on the big screen!!

  • Whether you’re a gamer or not, The Beatles: Rock Band is a blast for any Beatles fan (or future fan!).

    A big shout out to all the local artists (including a slew of RISD grads) who helped to create The Beatles: Rock Band, which was developed right here in our own backyard by Harmonix Music in their Cambridge, MA studio.

    Also worth mentioning – the Barrington Public Library is hosting a six week music discussion series which will cover the entire Beatles’ career including their movies and albums. The series is free and open to all. Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm, starting tonight!