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Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

Here is my 2008 list of fun ways to celebrate the last care-free days of summer vacation–before school starts and the days get shorter and the nights get colder.  Some were on last years’ list, but some traditions are worth repeating.

Roger Wheeler Beach - kid o info

1. Head to our favorite beach for an early morning walk, midday swim or end of the day supper – our new favorite is Second Beach in Newport, RI

2. Have a potluck picnic with friends at a park, a beach or backyard.

3. Visit Waterfire in downtown Providence, lighting occurs just after sunset.

4. Take a hike at one of the Audubon wildlife refuges.

5. Make an accordion book about what we did this summer. Have kids draw pictures, add photos, collage, tell stories or make lists of what they did or where they went .

6. Fly kites at India Point Park in Providence, RI or Breton Park in Newport, RI

7. Have breakfast at Three Rivers Cafe in Warren, RI

8. Take the ferry to Newport, Block Island, or Prudence Island

9. Have friends over–after the kids are in bed–and sip summer cocktails on the porch.

10. Go for a bike ride at Lippitt Park (corner of Blackstone Boulevard and Hope Street) and then visit our favorite ice cream place, Three Sisters in Providence. Like soft serve ice cream? Check Katy’s list of local places that serve it up. Click here to find Rhode Island bike maps.

Photo credit: Boys at Roger Wheeler Beach by Douglas Itkin

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  • More beaches. More swimming. LESS YU-Gi-OH. More ketchuppy dinners. Listening to crickets. And on the very last day of summer vacation, I will vacuum the sand from my car.

  • I am thinking another bike ride in Lippitt Park with ice cream is in order…see you there!
    And then maybe try making the accordion book with the boys (which will be done sometime before they are 12).
    Great ideas, Anisa!

  • I grew up on Roger Wheeler Beach. (It was called Sand Hill Cove, way back then!) A perfect beach day thirty years ago, holds true for my kids today. A boogie board and a bucket full of hermit crabs is still the best way to stay cool and pass the summer hours away.

  • we’re thinking alike–the end of summer is so near! yesterday it dawned on me, “oooh lordy, i haven’t been to eskimo king yet this summer!” best soft serve vanilla ever. my little boy and i scurried right over there. he loves their ice cream sandwiches.

    the rest of your list is great too!