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Top 2007 Kids’ CDs


My kids and I love music, so we’re always looking for new sounds to groove to. And lucky for them and for us that the choices for kids’ music have evolved into tunes the whole family can enjoy.

Here is a list of the 2007 Top 10 Kids’ CDs by Kathy O’Connell from WXPN in Philadelphia. Listen to samples of the music on NPR.org.

Calling All Kids by Candy Band
A rhythmic mix of original and classic songs performed by punk-rock moms who sound like real moms.

Down at the Sea Hotel by Various Artists
A collection of lullabies based on a Greg Brown song, this book/CD package combines songwriters (Brown, Tom Waits, Billy Joel, Nanci Griffith) with folk singers (John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky, Guy Davis, Eliza Gilkyson)

Mommy Says No! by The Asylum Street Spankers
A varied mix of music from hard-rock screaming to jazz to twang.

Wonderstuff by Recess Monkey
Stories and songs heavily influenced by ’60s rock.

‘CHICKENS – Wiggle, Waggle, Wave’ by Buck Howdy & BB
Cowboy twang music for kids by Grammy-nominated Buck Howdy.

For the Kids III by Various Artists
The third in a series that features independent artists playing a unique take on music for kids. This one includes Dar Williams, The Sippy Cups, Moby, and Over the Rhine.

My Green Kite by Peter Himmelman
A collection of kid-friendly rock music influenced by the Grammy-nominated Peter Himmelman.

Experience…101 by Sweet Honey in the Rock
Inspiring vocals by amazing women. Aimed at a middle-school-aged audience.

The Dream Jam Band by The Dream Jam Band
Music from a group of rockers.

It’s a Bam Bam Diddly by Father Goose
A solo recording by this fabulous member of Dan Zanes’s gang. Reggae rhythms with a sense of humor. My kids are Father Goose fans.

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