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Rag and Bone 12 Wishes for baby

Top Ten Baby Shower Gifts for the New Mom

10. Birth ball/yoga ball: Not only are yoga balls great for pregnancy (and labor), but they are a wonderful new mom tool. Babies love gentle bouncing, and the yoga ball allows for a much more comfortable and rhythmic bounce.

Rag and Bone 12 Wishes for baby9. Baby’s calendar or journal: A great way to capture the milestones and special moments of baby’s first year. . . . and a forever keepsake for the family.

8. Miracle blanket or swaddle blanket: Most newborns love to be swaddled, and there are many benefits of swaddling.  These blankets make swaddling  easy and convenient.

7. Books providing information on postpartum issues and challenges for the new mom. Some new mom must-reads are:

Mothering the New Mother: Women’s Feelings and Needs after Childbirth: A Support and Resource Guide by Sally Placksin

How to Make a New Mother Happy: A Doctor’s Guide to Solving Her Most Common Problems—Quickly and Effectively by Uzzi and Yfat Reiss

The New Mom’s Companion: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Newborn by Debra Rosenberg

6.Wrap/sling: Babies love to be held, and wraps/slings allow a new mom to “wear” her baby while keeping her hands free.

5. Gift basket including a variety of postpartum essentials:  lanolin cream for sore nipples, witch hazel and tucks medicated pads for healing the perineum, large maxi pads, and other soothing treats such as teas or a relaxation CD.

4. Gift certificate: For a house-cleaning service for the first month (or two or three) of the baby’s life.

3. Gift certificates: From restaurants that will deliver meals to the new mom’s home.

2. Gift certificate for a postpartum doula who can provide in-home help after the birth of the baby. A postpartum doula can help with everything from breastfeeding support to light cleaning and cooking to baby care and more. Check out the Doulas of Rhode Island website for a list of local doulas.

1.  Gift certificate for a new moms group: New moms groups are invaluable in that they provide a supportive environment where women can get information and support and make connections with other women experiencing the same highs and lows of new motherhood.  Contact RI New Moms Connection for more information or to purchase a gift certificate.

Kristen Kardos, MA Ed., and Kathy McGuigan, MSW, the co-founders of RI New Moms Connection, provide affordable, accessible pregnancy and new mom groups throughout Rhode Island. In “Tips for New Moms,” they share their knowledge, resources, and helpful ideas for moms just beginning their journey into parenthood or moms who may need a little refresher.

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  • Please consider patemm pads for an upcoming list for baby shower gifts. Our patented, award-winning ROUND diaper changing systems are PVC, lead, phthalate, BPA, latex, and formaldehyde-FREE. And, proudly made in the USA. They used to be manufactured in San Francisco, CA but now they are manufactured in Fall River, MA

  • Yes! Rhode Island New Moms Connection offers pregnancy groups, new moms groups (for babies 0-12 months), workshops such as introducing solids & making your own babyfood….we provide information on classes and professionals all throughout the state who support prenatal/postnatal women and their families. Check out our site: http://www.rinewmoms.com or email info@rinewmoms.com for any additional info – or to purchase a gift certificate 🙂

  • Bellani Maternity has a great New Moms Group that is ‘pay what you can’, so why not sign up your New Mom to be and get a gift certificate for their Infant Massage class or their Itsy Bitsy Yoga class? The classes are wonderful and are very useful in calming, relaxing and bonding with your baby. Or how about thinking down the road and registering your new mom for a baby food making workshop?