Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

[ 2 ] February 20, 2008 |

Koehn Est Strip

On February 20, 2008 the total lunar eclipse can be seen in North America–the earth will pass between the sun and the moon causing the moon to darken while in the earth’s shadow.

If your kids stay up late enough to watch the event, the lunar eclipse is completely safe to view (unlike the solar eclipse)–no special glasses or telescopes needed. For detailed information about the times, locations, and how to view the event, check out

Find out why the Moon is Red During a Total Lunar Eclipse and more fun facts at Lunar Eclipses for beginners. Great photo tips from

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  1. Mike says:

    Moon location and times for any location in the US or around the World can be calculated with the USNO Lunar Eclipse Calculator:

    Data for
    o ‘ o ‘
    W071 26, N41 49
    Eastern Standard Time
    hour:min Azimuth Altitude
    Moonrise 2008 Feb 20 17:07 74.2 —-
    Moon enters penumbra 2008 Feb 20 19:34.9 98.7 25.4
    Moon enters umbra 2008 Feb 20 20:43.0 112.0 37.2
    Moon enters totality 2008 Feb 20 22:00.5 132.0 48.9
    Middle of eclipse 2008 Feb 20 22:26.0 140.4 52.1
    Moon leaves totality 2008 Feb 20 22:51.5 149.7 54.7
    Moon leaves umbra 2008 Feb 21 00:09.1 183.3 57.7
    Moon leaves penumbra 2008 Feb 21 01:17.2 211.9 53.6
    Moonset 2008 Feb 21 06:44 281.2 —-

  2. calendar katy in vermont says:

    we watched the eclipse from our friends’ yard here in mt, tabor. our whole earth making a shadow so far away. it was dreamy. thanks for the heads up! (n. pun. intended.)

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