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Traction Man Action Figure!

TractionmanbookTraction Man Is Here! by Mini Grey is the story about a young boy’s new action figure toy, called Traction Man, and it comes complete with outfits for every occasion. He is ready for any adventure from protecting toys from evil pillows to guarding breakfast toast. With the help of his friend, Scrub-brush, he can handle anything until he gets the knitted green outfit from grandma. In this superhero tale of adventure, Mini Grey (named after the mini-cooper car) captures our kids’ creative imagination in their world of toys.

In our house, the action did not stop at the end of this book. Just like in Traction Man is Here! and the movie, Toy Story, our kids’ toys lead an adventurous life. Windsurfer Man from our house now has his own green felt traction suit along with a washcloth (playing his pal, Scrub-brush). The adventures of traction man in our house continue. Traction Man saves the day again!

Traction Man Is Here! by Mini Grey. (For pre-school to age 8).

Almost any toy can be an action figure or superhero. Help your kids transform their dolls. Cut capes out of felt. Glue on a piece of ribbon and tie around dolls neck. Ready for action!

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