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Treats for All at Wildflour

Whether or not you’re vegan, your family will find something to love at about Wildflour Vegan Bakery & Juice Bar in Pawtucket: Snickerdoodles and scones and raspberry squares and peanut butter brownies; watermelon juice and wheat grass and intense teas and coffees. It’s all vegan, and much of it is gluten free. This is a welcoming haven for all.

More often than not, when you step into the calm, well-lit space, there are generous samples set out to taste. It is as if the bakers think newcomers might be skeptical of the yum factor and want to erase all doubt from their minds. One day we went in to find seven things to taste, and of course we tried them all, and each was more delicious than the next, and then were too full to order anything but tea.

Fresh juices straight up, or in blends to soothe a sniffle or grouchy mood, are beautifully presented. A sure bet for kids is watermelon juice, now in season: bright pink and lightly sweet. Wild Ginger Lemon tea is served hot and features freshly pressed ginger and lemon juices that warm you up and calm you down. Traditional as well as very advanced forms of coffee are served, with a cool slow-drip lineup of filters on the bar and a full menu of espresso drinks. Cow milks in varying fat levels are available for the dairy types.

When eating in, it’s good to know that wifi is available (ask at the bar for the password) and that parents often come in with strollers and maneuver about comfortably. In fact, newborns and moms make up a good portion of Wildflour’s customer population, (perhaps because wheat grass and snickerdoodles tone the pelvic floor?) as do the neighborhood retirees who used to hang out at Barney’s Bagels, back in the day.  Intensely concentrating laptop people are well-represented too. This is all to say, sure, it’s vegan and hip and alternative, but earlobe-stretcher plugs and black nail polish are optional. This is the place to be if you want a snack or restorative beverage, no matter what you’re making for dinner.

The details:

Wildflour Vegan Bakery
727 East Avenue, Pawtucket RI
(401)475 4718
Open daily 7AM-9PM

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  • There are even some not sweets I should have mentioned like broccoli scones (?) and cold veggie noodles.

  • RI GF Mom, I will report back! I started with email, but if I don’t hear I’ll give them a call. My daughter is, as far as we know, still allergic to eggs, so a vegan bakery with GF items is awesome–we’re up that way often enough that it would be great to have a place to stop for a treat for ALL the kids.

  • oh, and it’s not where Barney’s was (Rasoi is), but it’s where the chinese place was, next to DD which is where the pizza place used to be. It is next to and seems to be somewhat affiliated with Garden Grille.

  • amy, would be curious to hear what you find out. My very sensitive gf celiac family did taste test the first week and enjoyed the cookies and muffins we bought without adverse reactions. It is a lovely spot.

  • Thanks for reminding me about this place, Katy! I met a (vegan) friend there once and was dazzled by its abundant, scrumptious offerings and soothing, rather-swanky-for-Pawtucket design. I’ve been good today. Think I’ll treat myself later.

  • Is that where Barney’s used to be? (Ha, what a Rhode Islander I am!!) Oh how I loved that place. So, thanks for mentioning that Wildflour has gluten free items. Now I can do the research to see if they’re made right in the same kitchen or not–but before I saw this I didn’t even know there was a possible option!