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Two, Therefore: The Joovy Ergo Follows Through

By Maura Keating

ergo-joovyThe Joovy Ergo is the perfect stroller for an outing with the kids. Zoo, amusement park, even the mall… this stroller makes every adventure a little better. You might not even mind the long lines at Disney if you had Joovy Ergo at your side.

The Joovy Ergo is a Stand-On Tandem â„¢ stroller that is designed to accommodate a growing family. The stroller can be used in a variety of configurations as your family evolves. In all scenarios, one child sits in a traditional stroller seat in the front. In the back, you can choose: a.) to have the second child sit facing you in a bench seat; b.) the second child can stand on a wide platform while holding large comfortable handles; or, c.) the Ergo can also be used with a car seat. In this setup, Baby in the car seat faces you. This arrangement is ideal if you have a toddler that is not quite ready for a sit and stand when Baby arrives, but will be ready for one by the time that Baby grows out of the infant car seat. The rear platform or bench seat passenger must be at least 2 1/2 years old. The universal car seat attachment system securely fastens to the back. I found it very easy and quick to add the attachment and was impressed with the stability and safety. It is also important to note that the Ergo is designed to hold only two children (a total of 90 pounds) at one time.

The Ergo is long. When my daughter is sitting up front, it seems like she is very far away. In fact, I wish there was a mirror built into the front so that I could see what she was up to. All that length gives each kid plenty of room to stretch out, making sure that no one feels crowded. The Ergo’s length gives this stroller a wide turning radius. It takes a bit of practice to get around and this can be a tricky stroller to maneuver at the mall. Some aisles are not meant for the Ergo. The ride in the Ergo can be bumpy. We live in the city and the rough sidewalk caused snacks to jump out of the front snack tray. The Ergo has two air-filled back wheels and two smaller, plastic front wheels. An included tire pump is kept in the underneath storage basket. The ride is better suited for smoother suburban sidewalks or pathways on level outings. Brakes can be depressed easily by foot on either side-make sure you hear the click or keep pushing.

The front seat has a slight recline, not quite enough for a substantial nap. The front seat is constructed out of tight webbing that has a nice, taut bounce to it. My son confirmed that it was comfortable. Optional padded seat covers are available in a variety of fun colors for the front seat and the back seat bench. The front passenger lucks out with two detachable cup holders or a detachable snack tray that flips up for easy exits. There are no such amenities for the child in the rear seat. My son complained about this injustice bitterly when he sat in the rear. Luckily, I also tested the optional parent organizer which I shared with him. The parent organizer features room for two drinks and has two zippered pockets. It attaches nicely to the Ergo and fit everything that I needed easy access to-keys, wallet, phone, dog bags, etc.

ergo_carseat_lrgThe hood and shade that the Ergo offers is superior. This is a feature that I truly appreciate, yet one that is often overlooked by stroller manufacturers. The Ergo offers good protection for both riders. The front seat is covered by a classic stroller hood with a stretchy (almost floppy) front piece that extends to completely shade the front rider. Since this part of the hood is not stiff, it can blow around a bit on a windy day. The back seat has an optional zip on canopy that also offers complete coverage, as well as two mesh windows that provide ventilation and scenic outlook. The canopy is easy to attach and detach for the multiple configurations that the Ergo allows. An optional sun filter and rain cover are also available.

The seat belts are easy to put on and off-maybe too easy. My two year old son can easily undo both the buckles on the front five-point harness and the back seat three-point harness. The incident led to a discussion about stroller etiquette with new stroller rules which he mostly respects, but this might be a problem for some children. The shopping basket is huge and can be easily accessed by flipping the bench seat up and out of the way. When both seats are occupied, it can be hard to access the basket, though my son never seemed to mind retrieving things for me.

The fold is my favorite feature of the Ergo. It seems impossible that such a large stroller would fold so easily, so neatly, and so compactly. It makes me wonder why other strollers have so many problems… To fold the Ergo, you need only press a button, pull up on triggers on either side, then let the stroller fold in on itself. The sunshade must be folded in first and detached from the back canopy in order to get the tightest fold (and in order to get it to fit in my car!) Two clips on the side are easy to attach and keep the stroller folded. The stroller can be folded with the car seat attachment still in place. When folded, the stroller rolls easily for transport between rooms, down the stairs, etc.

We love the dynamic design of the Ergo and my son asks constantly to use this stroller. The adaptability and accessibility of the stroller appeal to his newfound toddler independence. The Ergo is a very handsome stroller. We turned heads wherever we went. I wish that all the tires were pneumatic for a smoother ride, but this is a stroller that has it all for the up and down, in and out, around and about of life with two kids.

The Details: Joovy Ergo Caboose Stroller, 499.99. To find a Joovy Ergo near you, click on the “Where to Buy” link at http://www.joovy.com
Will It Fit In My Car*?: Folded dimensions: 49″L 24″W 15″H; Stroller Weight: 30lbs.
Will It Fit Out My Door?*: Assembled dimensions: 49″L 24″W 42″H
Weight Limit: Back Seat and Platform Weight Limit: 45lbs.; Front Seat Weight Limit: 45lbs.
Color Palette: Black, with Optional Covers available in Appletree, Black, Purplness, Red, Lemontree, and Orangetree.

* Information provided by manufacturer

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