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rhode trip: Underdog Day Trip

Ri Providence CapitolTake your kids on a tour of Providence landmarks used in Disney’s new Underdog movie about a crime-fighting canine with super powers. Get a new perspective on our fine city as you look around – things are not what they seem in the movie. If you take the tour before seeing the movie, you’ll have fun identifying and counting the Providence locations included in the film. If you tour after watching Underdog, see if your kids can remember which scene each landmark appeared in.

Tour Map of movie locations.

Providence: State House — 82 Smith Street
Movie Scene: Close-ups in the beginning and the end of the film. Shown throughout the movie surrounded by computer generated buildings.

Providence: State House rotunda 
Movie Scene: In the final scene, four huge brass lamp posts have been replaced by classical statues that look like marble but are really plaster. Dogs seem to run wild across the murals designed by James A. King.

Providence: City Hall – 25 Dorrance Street
Movie Scene: Providence City Hall Council Chambers and various street shots.
Providence: Bank of America — Kennedy Plaza
Movie: Used as a building near “City Hall” (really our State House)

Providence: Turk’s Head Building – corner of Westminster and Weybosset Street
Movie Scene: Underdog rescues a “woman” hanging from a window ledge.

Providence: Citizens Bank Building – 1 Citizens Plaza
Movie Scene: Lobby that seems to lead to Simon Barsinister’s laboratory.

Providence: Westminster Street
Movie Scene: Various scenes throughout the movie.

Providence: Angell Street — near Benefit Street
Movie Scene: Underdog races towards downtown.

Providence: Roger Williams National Memorial Park – North Main Street
Movie Scene: Shoeshine catches a Frisbee and meets Polly Purebread.

Providence: Prospect Park – Congdon Street (overlooking the city)
Movie Scene: Shoeshine has a touching moment with his new owner, Jack.

Providence: Brick bridge leading to Market Square at the Rhode Island School of Design
Movie Scene: Underdog changes into his costume in a phone booth.

Providence: House in West End — not sure exactly where
Movie Scene: Where Underdog lives with his new family – special effects added skyscrapers down the block and an elevated train.Cranston

Providence: Cranston Street Armory
for Interior Stage Sets – 125 Dexter Street
Movie Scene: The set for inside Underdog’s new house.
Movie Scene: The laboratory is where the mad Dr. Barsinister conducted his experiments.

Providence: Hope High School – 324 Hope Street
Movie Scene: Renamed “Capitol City Middle School” – where a baseball game is played.

After you pass by Hope High School, head north on Hope Street to Seven Stars Bakery for a yummy treat. It may not be featured in this movie, but look for it in the upcoming Dan in Real Life film.

Have landmarks you want to add? Click comments below and tell us about them.

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