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Update your lunch “wardrobe”

I welcome Kirsten DiChiappari as a new Kidoinfo contrubutor. She lives in Bristol, RI, with her husband and two children, ages 5 and 2. She is the director at EVOLUTION Bodywork & Nutrition in Bristol, a member of several local committees and commissions, and a writer who documents her perspective at healthyshapes.blogspot.com.

Fit & Fresh on kid o infoIt’s that time of year again. Time for back-to-school shopping and planning! Every circular, every store, every sale includes something about the basics for back to school. Summer may still be in full swing, but consumers have already moved on.

When you’re thinking about new shoes, notebooks, and pencils this year, don’t overlook the opportunity to toss your old lunch “wardrobe” for a new one. Arm yourself with the basics: a lunchbox or sack; a cooler pack; a chemical-free water bottle, and some reusable containers.

Remember, all of this advice applies to the kids AND the grown-ups in your house.

When you pick out your outfit the night before, plan the day’s meals too:

In a hurry in the morning?

– Try a protein shake before you go out the door — toss in some frozen fruit to get your vitamins the natural way.
– Scramble an egg in the microwave while you get ready.
– Mix a little agave and cinnamon into some Greek yogurt, toss in a handful of almonds, and voila – instant boost!

Got a crazy day ahead with few potty breaks and fewer chances to eat?

– Pack your bag with healthy snacks and quick grabs like sugar snap peas, carrot sticks, cheese sticks, Greek yogurt, smoked turkey and low-fat Swiss cheese rolled into a wheat wrap, and fruit, fruit, fruit.
– Set a timer and eat at regular intervals — don’t wait until you’re woozy and impulsive!

No one has missed the economic forecast. Food isn’t cheap, but by doing things yourself, you accomplish two important objectives: 1) improving your health; and 2) saving cash. Take control of what you spend and what you eat — and avoid the midday crash by keeping the right things on hand in a super cool box or bag. Hello Kitty, anyone?

If you want to keep with the ‘buy local’ theme, consider products from Fit & Fresh, a Rhode Island company that makes some really neat things that are guaranteed to keep your diet on track. Visit their website to learn more about their products and where to buy them.

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