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Valentine’s Day Craft Projects for Kids

Whether your children make valentines for their entire the class or a handful for their grandparents and best friend, giving (and receiving) a handmade valentine is super special no matter how big, small, simple, or detailed the heart is.

Making a large number of valentines for your child’s class can seem daunting, but choosing a project that is simple to oversee and appropriate for your child’s skill and age level can be fun and rewarding. When my boys were toddlers, I precut hearts out of paper or used heart-shaped doilies and let them paint or put stickers on each one. Now that they’re older, it’s helpful that they have a longer attention span and can sign their own cards.

If you need to make a large number of valentines for your child’s class, try to prep as much as possible or break down the task over several days to make it a little easier and less stressful. Depending on the size of my boys’ classes combined, we have had to make at times 40 to 60 valentines! That’s a lot of hearts!

Here’s a roundup of previous projects I’ve done with my children:

Stamped Valentines
Make a Love Box
Colorful Hearts
Make a Love Book

More crafty valentine project ideas and ways to celebrate:

Valentine Crush Crackers from contributing writer, Elyse Major of Tinkered Treasures

– Valentine Garland from made by joel and oh so crafty

Valentine scratch cards (from blossom kids)

– Make your own heart shaped crayons (from make and takes) and attach to valentine card (from the Long Thread)

Candy cane hearts (from Skip to My Lou)

Make heart-shaped potato stamps (from Colorfool) and use them to decorate paper for wrapping paper or a tablecloth or cut the paper into valentines. Heart-shaped cookie cutters also make great stencils for tracing hearts onto paper.

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