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Valentines + Kid’s Crafts

It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end. – Ursula K. LeGuin

This is a good thing to remember when doing crafts with kids. Especially as we approach Valentine’s Day. Whether you make or buy valentine cards is personal – we are all too busy to judge. I’m a designer, so making things is what I do. However, 2 boys making valentines for 4 grandparents and 20 classmates becomes a mathematical equation not meant for the attention span of my kids.

Last year my great idea was to stamp large pieces of paper with sponges and paint. Then we’d cut out simple hearts and sign them. Well, after one of my sons (age 4) stamped his paper and I showed him how we’d cut out the hearts – he said emphatically “NO! I like my painting just like this. I want to keep it. If you cut out the hearts you will not see the shapes anymore!” Well he did have a point – the paintings we did were pretty interesting. We made a compromise…they didn’t cut their painting and I cut hearts out of different paper. My son signed his painting and gave it to his dad for a Valentine’s day present.

DIY | Stamped Valentines


– white paper
– washable paint (pink, red, purple, blue)
– household sponges (cut in half)
– paper plates
– newspaper to protect table

Squeeze paint onto paper plates. Wet sponge (get rid of all excess water) and dip in paint. Press sponge onto paper in any pattern you like (stamp pattern all the way to edge). When paper is dry, trace hearts on back side of paper. Cut out hearts and sign name.

for more DIY Valentines, see Printed Valentines.

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