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Volunteers needed for Pawtucket gown giveaway April 13, 2019

About 100 gowns and cocktail dresses have been collected for a Pawtucket giveaway and volunteers are needed to help with the big day between 1-4 pm on April 13, 2019 at the Jenks/JMW gymnasium, 350 Division Street in Pawtucket.

Please note that all volunteers must get a BCI check from a local police department in order to participate with the students seeking gowns.

Many of the dresses have been cleaned and pressed. Those that haven’t been pressed yet will be given out with a certificate that can be presented at Diamond Cleaners and they will press the dress that had been previously cleaned at no charge.

Female assistants are needed to help girls with their selections, and a few to help in the locker room making sure any gowns are hung back up. The group is also looking for dry cleaners and volunteers to clean some 300 gowns that have been offered for donation.

For information, contact Joanne Bonollo  at bonolloj@gmail.com.

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