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Water Yourself

by Katy KillileaLife-Factory-Group-Shot

It’s hot. And we’re active. So we sweat. At any age, staying hydrated is the key, not just to our health and well-being, but also to our ability to have fun. There’s no wretch like a dehydrated wretch. And the dehydrated child-wretch trumps the adult blueq waterversion by far.

And so, responsible parents across Rhode Island are dutifully carrying water everywhere they go this summer. Opportunities to buy stylish water containers are at every turn: look in Frog and Toad for these (at left) fun metal bottles from Blue Q. For a super stylish glass bottle that won’t break the moment you clunk your bag against a post, check into Lifefactory‘s  sturdy glass bottles with protective sleeves. (Spotted locally at Whole Foods and pictured above, also available as baby bottles.) Or for a Vermont-chic mood, fill an empty tahini jar with water from a hose and get out into the day.

But sometimes it takes more than plain water to replenish everything we’ve given up in sweat. Remember the days when Gatorade–apparently now the exclusive domain of obese videogamers–had some sportsmanlike cache? Many parents have decided it is too sweet and garishly colored. Along came Vitaminwater–paler tones and less sugary. Then Smartwater, which tastes like water but has some spark of magic in it. Finally coconut water, which is delicious and restores you to your original settings but is expensive and comes in those fussy little boxes. And many parents want to use their eco-sensitive and lovingly selected reusable bottles. What to do? Enter Nuun.

nuun-bananaNuun bills itself as “portable electrolyte hydration.” Nuun tablets come in a slim, sturdy tube and effervesce in 16 ounces of water. The resulting drink is not fizzy, but is lightly flavored (my kids like lemon+lime best; tri-berry is first runner-up) and tastes subtly sweet although it contains no sugars or artificial sweeteners. Nuun tabs imbue water with potassium, sodium, magnesium–all of the stuff sweat scientists agree we require to adequately replenish our hot bodies. It has been my experience that Nuun water, after a particularly sweaty experience, wards off headaches and conk-outs. It’s as if Gatorade or Vitaminwater pared down for an Outward Bound trip and brought along only what it really needed–no bright colors, no crazy sweetness, and best of all no bottle.

The details:

Nuun tablets: 36 tablets for $16.50
Blue Q water bottles: $18
Lifefactory water bottles: $22
Old Tahini Jar: FREE

Editor’s note: Nuun sent samples for review. Kidoinfo never accepts payment in any form for reviews.

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