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What can you make from a cereal box?


We eat a lot of cereal in our house; in fact, our shelf looks like it belongs in a Jerry Seinfeld episode with boxes of cereal all lined up for the morning mix. Although the empty boxes can be recycled, here are some creative ways to re-use some of them first. These are great craft projects for kids–easy to do, free materials, and quick cleanup!

Make a Bookmark
Super easy, super fast, and you can never have enough bookmarks.

Supplies: Cereal box, ribbon, beads, scissors, hole punch

How-To: Cut a rectangle out of your favorite part of the cereal box. Hole punch the top end of rectangle . Thread ribbon through hole and tie a knot. Thread bead(s) through other end of ribbon and tie knot to secure beads in place.


Make a Stationery Folder (pictured)
A great holder for stationery you already have or design your own to go inside.

Supplies: Cereal box, ribbon, metal fasteners, scissors, ruler, hole punch
Optional: Magazines, collage materials


How-To: Use the large side of cereal box, including flap. Cut rectangle from box large enough to fold in half and fit stationery (e.g. For 5″ x 7″ stationery, cut rectangle 11″ x 8″ (do not cut off flap). Folded measurement: 5.5″ x 8″). Cut extra strip from box to hold stationery in place. Hole punch edges and secure ribbon. See photo for detail.

Make a Pop-Up Card
These make great cards for birthdays and other special occasions.

Supplies: Cereal box, cardstock paper, scissors, glue

How-To: Cut out your favorite character from a cereal box and glue onto a basic pop-up tab. To make basic pop-up tab, follow simple instructions on the Robert Sabuda website. Glue character to tab. Make sure the card can fold in half. Glue a piece of paper on back of cardstock to cover up pop-up tab.

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