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What does the Easter Bunny bring?

I know many Easter (or Spring) Bunnies bring chocolate, but what else does the bunny bring? Our boys each have a basket in their favorite color, and here is a list of what’s been tucked inside over the years:

Easter Basket

Colored plastic eggs filled with goldfish, animal crackers,
or chocolate eggs
Rubber ducks and other bath toys
Teething rings
Bubble makers
Sidewalk chalk
Flower seeds to plant inside or outside
Kids’ gardening gloves
Crayons, markers, or other art supplies
Fun pen
Ugly Doll or other adorable stuffed critter
Rubber stamps
Matchbox cars
Finger puppets

And some more ideas for the list:
Small action figures
Silly Putty
Hair accessories
Colorful shoelaces
Small Dover Books
Playing cards
Trading cards

I love to color and decorate eggs in our house. Read how we did it last year.

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  • At my house the Easter Bunny always brought us a new pair of flip-flops. That’s how we knew it was spring! It falls under the “clothes” category, but it was fun enough that we were happy anyway.

  • oh my gosh. i agree on the goggles. any non-speedo goggles we have tried do not work to keep the water out or are too uncomfortable to be tolerated. my son loved his speedo goggles so much, he wore them all day, in water or out.

    there is a good display of speedo junior goggles at target right now.

    i remember last year they ran out by june and we were stuck with wretched goggles.

  • If you are getting swim goggles. Only get the junior speedo ones with the fixed nose bridge. the adjustable cheap ones all break and leak. We were given this advice years ago by a swim instructor and our goggles have lasted years and trained great swimmers. CVS, Target and Kohl’s often have them and they are $10 or more. But definitely worth it. I like to get the tinted lenses that way they double as sunglasses in the pool in the summer for those photosensitive kids (like mine). Ours have been through a few summers and many vacations too.

  • They had matchbook seeds at the Children’s Museum – They have been in my Easter stash for a few months so I don’t know what they have left. I have also been thinking of an Obi-Wan or maybe R2D2 to put in the basket.

    One thing we are trying to do this year is limit the packaging of our Easter gifts/candy (unfortunately it sometimes costs more). Have you ever noticed how much plastic and cardboard it takes to package a small chocolate bunny?

    Great ideas, Anisa!

  • I love the seed idea too.
    A tip for egg filler-n-hiders: my kids, and kids at our church (Cathedral of St John in Prov) are very tolerant of oddball fillings – we go to Job Lot and buy any smallish goodie – gummies, cereal (Cap’n Crunch but also Cheerios), raisins, and more

  • i love your idea for including seeds! other than yougrowgirl.com, can you recommend any gardening sites? maybe sites with gardening projects for kids?

  • how about…
    comfy new swimming goggles

    robot pencil sharpeners–they walk as they sharpen your pencil (from frog & toad on hope street.)

    don’t forget the mini eggs for mommy