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Michelle Peluso LgI find it helpful sometimes to get away from the daily routine of work and the kids and recharge my batteries by listening to the wisdom of other women. (Other times I like to relax and have a pedicure.)

I recently attended the Annual Women’s Summit at Bryant University: a day full of fabulous speakers and workshops for and about women in business. I could not completely escape mom duty since one of my sons was home sick from school, but I managed to attend half the conference by coordinating schedules with my husband.

My favorite speech was by Michelle Peluso, the president and chief executive officer of Travelocity, who delivered five tips on how to be a successful leader. I think whether I was in business or not, her words about treating the people around you with respect and learning to work well with others is helpful and relevant to my work in my community and at my sons’ school.

Michelle Peluso on how to be a successful leader:
Listen to our inner voice and do what we are passionate about–we will be more invested in what we do.
– Have tenacity–work to remove obstacles that keep us from doing what we need or want to do.
Surround yourself with extraordinary people–find great leaders to mentor us and inspire others to be great leaders.
Take risks–it can be rewarding to crawl out of our comfort zone to try new things.
Have grace–know that we are not perfect; we are vulnerable and accept it.

At the end of her speech, Michelle announced that she is pregnant with her first child. I will be interested to hear what her words of wisdom are when she has to balance her work with raising a child. I imagine she will do it with grace, and I look forward to hearing how this experience will change how she manages the everyday.

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  • so anisa, have you seen this new book “helping me help myself” by beth lisick–who is a hilarious writer–who forces herself to undergo a year of “self help” starting with the 7 habits of highly effective people, which i just realize i can totally buy into even though i have almost none of the habits? i am tired and can’t type properly.

    is this even a comment?