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Yes we can!

 SuperfriendsMany children love superheroes, whether it is the notion that they can do anything or that the cape will give them superpowers. When they role-play the character, they believe they are invincible, giving them confidence to overcome all and save the day! Cathy Saunders wrote in her article, Just Imagine…, how children can be real heroes. They have a great capacity to imagine a world better than it is, and consequently they are able to make things happen. A good reminder for kids and adults that we don’t need the cape after all.

We inaugurate Barrack Obama as the first African American president of the United States today, January 20, 2009. He is a new American hero and a symbol and a role model for our kids (and us) that we can overcome obstacles by believing we have the power to make things change, we treat others with respect, and we work as a team.

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The inauguration comes right after we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther’s King Jr’s birthday–another man who believed that together we could move mountains. Teach your children about heroes by talking to them about these inspiring men and their dreams of peace and equality.

My boys are seven, and Obama may be their president until they are fifteen–they will grow up with the Obama children. I hope all of our children continue to have real heroes and positive role models that inspire them to dream big and that they will always believe they too have the power to overcome anything.

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