FLANNEL KISSES by Linda Crotta Brennan

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Reviewed by Marcia Maynard

Flannel Kisses is a cozy winter story about a family of five. Linda Crotta Brennan uses rhyming text to take her readers from morning to night on a snowy day.

http://pennycarnival.typepad.com/.a/6a00e55104c1238834011168832aa2970c-800wiFlannel sheets, Cold floor,” starts the book, as a girl wakes and leaves her bed. “Hot oatmeal, Out the door!”  We feel the warmth that surrounds the family as they eat breakfast together before playing outside in the snow.

Mari Takabayashi’s use of colors and detail brings the reader right into this country scene. We can relate to wearing a slippery snowsuit and hanging wet socks to dry after being outside all  morning. One of my favorite pages reads, “Fireside story.”  The illustration is of the living room filled with toys and wet clothes. Children are sitting on Dad’s lap as he reads a bedtime story and mom is holding the baby on a rocking horse.

Flannel Kisses reminds me about the best part of parenting: the love of family time. Playing, snuggling, and eating together are joyful parts of our life that are sometimes overlooked. With her experience as a mom and a writer,  Brennan shows us the story in life that brings the most meaning.

Linda Brennan lives in Rhode Island and can be reached through her blog, lcbrennan.blogspot.com, or her website, lindacrottabrennan.com

Flannel Kisses
Written by Linda Crotta Brennan
Illustrated by Mari Takabayashi
2008 Houghton Mifflin

Marcia Maynard stays home with her two sons and plays. Prior to her current role as mom, she was an elementary school teacher and reading specialist.

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  1. erin goodman says:

    “Flannel Kisses reminds me about the best part of parenting: the love of family time.”

    these are my favorite kinds of books (and music and movies).

    i love anything that can pull me out of the craziness of my days with my little ones and remind me of what’s really important!!!


  2. Diana says:

    I love Flannel Kisses! One of my favorite books. And of course full of good childhood memories 🙂

  3. markaplan says:

    the title makes me smile…

  4. Laura C. says:

    Just requested it from the library! Thanks for the review, Marcia!

  5. We just got this last week from the library, it’s a goodie! Love Dad’s green sneakers.

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