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Edible Rhody KIDS (Spring 2016): Berry Good Turnovers

edibleRhodyKIDS-logoThese handheld treats, filled with yummy berries, are simple to make and delicious to eat-at home or on the go. No forks or plates needed. They’re good for breakfast, snack time or dessert!

Pick your own berries!

  • Strawberries: June
  • Wild Gooseberries: June I July I August
  • Raspberries: June I July I August I September
  • Blueberries: July I August

Click on the chef's hat for more recipes!Blueberry Turnovers (click here for recipe)

Handy Tip: To enjoy a taste of summer all year round, store extra uncooked turnovers in zippered bags in the freezer.



For a list of where to pick your own berries and find a recipe for blueberry turnovers, click on the chef’s hat at EdibleRhody.com


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