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The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Just make a mark and see where it takes you, says Vashti’s teacher in The Dot.


This lovely tale by Peter H. Reynolds is about unleashing the creative spirit in all of us. It’s about how one small mark is just the beginning and how one individual can inspire another. My son, D, who dreams every night of being a children’s book illustrator, recently received this book as a gift from his great grandmother and really loves this story.

Cheers to Peter H. Reynolds and his campaign to make the world a more creative place.

Join me in my ‘campaign’ to make the world a more creative place. The next time you’re thinking about what gift to give someone, think of something that will encourage creativity. Whether it’s a blank journal or book on crafts, a set of watercolors or a guide to making films, a stationery set or a watercolor brush – let it be something that inspires expression. Children and grown-up children need to be encouraged to consume less, and create more. – Peter H. Reynolds

After reading this book, help your kids do their own exploration.
• Have them draw a dot, a line, or shape and see how many ways they can make that mark with different art materials, paper, rocks, sticks, etc.
• Have your kid make a mark on a piece of paper with a pen, pencil, marker or paint. Ask your child to tell a story about the mark. See where it leads…

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