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What About B.O.B: The Revolution Solution

By Maura Keating


I think you already know that the BOB is great jogging stroller. The BOB is also the stroller that I would reach for if the snow was up to my knees. It’s also the stroller that I’d take out for a long walk through the park, the beach, or downtown. It’s a fun stroller to drive with a smooth ride and a good look. It didn’t matter if you were strolling over tree roots on a hike or over the smooth sidewalks of the suburbs, the Bob glides effortless over nearly every terrain. Pushing the BOB Revolution is a joy, the stroller steers itself. The BOB’s suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers is beyond compare. I don’t think any of our child testers ever felt a bump or a jolt.

As a jogging stroller, the BOB Revolution inspires physical activity since pushing the BOB can be so much fun. The first time I went jogging with my son, I took a cheap jogging stroller and it was months before I jogged again. With the BOB, I don’t have to worry about the stroller; I can concentrate on my run–and BOB strollers are even endorsed by Stroller Strides (fitness program for moms and tots). A velcro is sewn onto the included safety strap to keep the strap stored safely when not in use. The BOB has two 16” back wheels and one 12.5” lockable front wheel with a 360Ëš swivel that makes the tightest turns easily. The Revolution has a large footprint and a wide wheel base, so narrower spaces can be tight. I was a little wary about taking the Revolution to the mall for testing. After I saw a grandmother navigating a Revolution effortlessly through the cramped aisles at Whole Foods, I realized just how wrong I was. The Revolution is not a small stroller, but it handles small spaces well.

The BOB has a relatively easy two-step fold. There is no lock on the fold which can make transporting the folded stroller a little tricky. The Revolution takes up quite a bit of our trunk when folded and would also require a dedicated floor space in a closet for daily storage. In a video on the BOB website, a woman stashes her Revolution easily in a closet, but there’s nothing else on the closet floor! Closets like that don’t exist in my house. The BOB instruction brochure recommends taking off the wheels for compact storage, but most users won’t have the time if they are wrangling a child while collapsing a stroller.

The Revolution’s padded seat reclines by unbuckling straps in the back of the stroller, not the most elegant solution but pretty simple once you’ve done it a few times. The vertical position of the Revolution’s seat isn’t vertical enough for me–it always seemed like my son was slumping over a bit. Other testers did not seem to mind. The seat includes two mesh seat pockets that my son loved playing with. I found it handy to stash snacks in or clip toys to the pockets on longer rides. The seat is wider and deeper than most other strollers, giving all child testers room to stretch out and play. The weight limit on the Revolution is 70 pounds, enabling bigger kids to continue to ride or jog with you long after they have grown out of other strollers. The BOB’s fabric is stain resistant. Machine washing is not recommended. The BOB’s straps include a five point harness that adjusts by pulling red rings.

The BOB has a long brake bar with a red handle that is easy to engage and disengage with either foot. The Revolution’s handlebar is not adjustable, but since it curves away from the back of the stroller, none of our testers had a problem with the height or with kicking the back of the stroller or wheels. The handlebar is covered with soft foam that is easy on your hands during long treks.

The sun canopy provides very good coverage, but does not extend all of the way forward. A flap fastened with a small bit of Velcro covers a clear window so that you can check in while you are on the move. A deep mesh pocket on the back of the stroller is great for storing items for easy access, but because the mesh was see through, I needed another bag to hide some items from view or to keep smaller items corralled. The mesh storage basket underneath the stroller was not too shallow, but it could be bigger. Optional accessories include a great Handlebar Console (that I wish came standard), Stroller Strides Fitness Kit, Infant Car Seat Adapter, Warm Fuzzy (a liner for colder weather), Weather Shield, Sun Shield, Travel Bag, Stroller Diaper Bag, and even a Cargo Conversion Kit that can transform your stroller into a cargo carrier that you can use long after the kids are out of the stroller.

The Revolution is so much more than a jogging stroller. I hope the Bob Marley will forgive me… but if you are looking for a stroller that can do it all, the Revolution just might be the solution. In “Revolution,” Marley sings, “I don’t wanna live in the park.” With the BOB Revolution, you don’t have to.

The Details:
The B.O.B. Revolution, $359. To find a BOB stroller near you, click on the “Where to Buy” link at www.bobgear.com

– Will It Fit In My Car*?: Folded Length, wheels on: 37.6in (Swivel) 42.6in (Jogging); Stroller Weight: 23 lbs.
– Baby Must Be: A child must be 8 weeks old before riding in a BOB stroller. For jogging or off-road stroller use, children should be at least 8 months old. Weight limit of 70 lbs maximum.
– Color Palette: Navy, Mesa Orange, /Pink, Chocolate/Blue, Black/Camel.

* Information provided by manufacturer

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